Coming soon – On the Couch with Mike and Ant Video Blogs

Firstly that’s a working title, we’re hoping to come up with something cooler soon.

So as a lot of you in this industry will know it’s impossible to leave the job at the office. As much as we’d like to some times. That’s true across most jobs in digital, but particularly true for the SEO industry.

As such a lot of the time we have conversations that we sit and think, I really should’ve written that up, or I really should have turned that into a video. So we’re doing the latter.

Starting next week we will begin filming a set of videos in which we will delve into some of the most asked SEO questions, answering them in a panel style environment, but just a little bit more relaxed with the aid of a couple of drinks from the Greyheart bar.

(Yes we have a bar in the office, and yes prospective clients drink free).

We’ve also roped in a few special guests – we’re trying to get one for each episode at the moment and we’re still missing a few for the 1st month. So if you fancy coming over for a few drinks and an SEO related chat drop me an email at