Pengiun 3.1

Ok, so let’s start by saying this for most people isn’t really something to worry about. Pretty much a refresh and some noose tightening from what we’ve seen over at Greyheart. However, what we have seen with this is a lot of people confusing jumps with what are personalised search results seeming to become more important.

However we can’t categorically say that the increase in personalisation has rolled out at the exact same time as penguin releases do tend to cause our clients to look a lot more closely at their rankings.

For the most part penguin 3.1 seems to have given a lot more websites trying to recover their rankings back. Of course the downside to a lot of SEO professionals only talking about their positives is that it will be a while before we see any examples of website which have been penalised by 3.1.

(We actually saw client’s jump who had supposedly had their penalties lifted almost a year ago – this should be noted as anecdotal as we simply don’t have enough data to know if this is likely to have happened multiple times).

It seems that a lot of people who were trying to recover prior to the 3.0 update have now recovered. However if you fall into this category it is quite likely that you simply haven’t done enough as of yet. If you’d like us to review your current efforts feel free to contact and we’ll audit them free of charge.