Email Marketing

Email Marketing is perhaps the best source of ROI out of any marketing channel, with recent studies suggesting that on average a good campaign should generate approximately 40X its cost in revenue. Greyheart offer email marketing services both from our own lists and management of your lists.

Whether you’re looking for to give your business a boost or make the most of your existing data we have a tailor made solution for you. We can design craft and optimise your mailers hand tailored to your data and customer demographics offering some of the best CTRO and Open Rates in the industry.

Working With You

With years of experience in holistic marketing campaigns we will work with your team to craft meaningful emails which work with your existing PR to maximise output through your data. We have years of experience across markets and we apply this knowledge to our timing, styling and focus on getting you great results.

What We Can Do


As you can see in our little diagram above, email marketing is a process, it’s not simply about getting data and bulk sending to it, we focus on maximising your ROI, increasing the quality and size of lists and making sure that delivery and click through rates stay high!