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SEO For Affiliates In 2016

The advice in this article will be different for a few affiliates depending on which market you’re in. The fact is that certain markets will continue to get away with a lot more than English language markets where things are considerably more competitive. But, that time is coming to an end we’ve seen a lot […]

Creating reusable and reskinnable content on a budget

Over the last few years we’ve begun to see the decline of reliance on paid link building, this is for a multitude of reasons. The main of course being is that it simply isn’t enough if you want to achieve top rankings for the long term. A lot of high performing brands have been spending a […]

Author Rank replaced by Authoritative Rank

As we all saw, Google Authorship did not last long. The concept didn’t really catch on and the only people who ended up using Google Author Rank were SEOers hoping to game the SERPs. Yet while rel=”author” may have been discarded the notion of ranking sites on the basis of author authority has not been […]

Pengiun 3.1

Ok, so let’s start by saying this for most people isn’t really something to worry about. Pretty much a refresh and some noose tightening from what we’ve seen over at Greyheart. However, what we have seen with this is a lot of people confusing jumps with what are personalised search results seeming to become more […]

Link Building Changes in 2014 – Response to Survey

Aside from the 1st point that I’d like to highlight is that 99.99% of SEO firms lie about just how much “paid link building” they do, which I a personal pet hate of mine, it seems incredibly likely that people are simply reclassifying what they call paid link building. I’ve worked in agencies, I own […]

Why Building a Brand Is Essential to SEO

It’s quite easy to suggest this, and it’s something that a lot of agencies say needs to be done, but quite often “building a brand” at least in the SEO sense is misunderstood, and so are the reasons why. It’s misunderstood simply because branding is hard to define and why build a brand right now, […]