Social Media

Social Media is a rapidly growing advertising market and we can help you with every aspect of your campaign from start to finish, from the creation of video content or adverts for Youtube, to simply keeping your companies Facebook updated we have capabilities and experts ready to hand to help you out.

Social Media Management

We offer several tiers of service when it comes to Social Media Management, from the basics of maintaining corporate accounts to developing and running full campaigns designed to expand your brand and build your customer base.

Getting our heads into what makes your customers tick is essential, that’s why we value yours and their advice when constructing a campaign. We’ll make sure we’re familiar with your market and their needs before even proposing a campaign, we wont work on anything we don’t believe will generate you ROI.

Paid Advertising Management

Targeting social media advertisement may seem simple at first, but targeting the right audience for your product isn’t that simple and targeting the right audience to create virility which could lead to more sales is even more complicated.

That’s where we come in, with years of experience in doing just that, remember things don’t just “go viral” you have to make them!

But, it’s not just about going viral, Youtube video advertising currently has some of the best return rates of all paid advertising models. And producing high quality video content may not be as expensive as you’d think.

Which Channel’s For My Business

Whilst Facebook and Linkedin’s advertising channel’s are well established Twitter and Youtube are something of an unknown quantity to a lot of marketeers in the UK. Diversification of channels away from the traditional paid media models like adwords can often provide great savings for businesses targeting the right audience. Clearly the audience on Linkedin and Facebook are going to respond in very different ways.

For example we advertise on Linkedin. That works for us, but we wouldn’t advertise on Facebook, at least not for our development services or SEO.

So to discuss what channels could work for you and some free consultancy contact us today.