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There are many great reasons to chose Grey Heart Media for your SEO campaign, but most important of all is that we care about your business. We want YOU to succeed. Whereas some agencies are a sales machine focused on simply acquiring new clients, we want to stick with the ones we have and grow together. 

Your businesses success means our businesses success.
On top of that with decades of industry experience and industry reknowned experts and lecturers on our team you can be certain your getting the best experts in the industry working on your account.

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"The only SEO company I ever work with, we liked them so much we tried to buy them." - David G, AHG Group

We've been providing top notch SEO services since day 1. There's a reason our clients stick around. Ask us for case studies or references and we'll be happy to provide. 

You won't find another Leeds SEO company who cares nearly as much as we do.

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What Is SEO

SEO is the art of getting websites onto the first page of Google, but if you're reading this far, we expect you already know that. 

You'll probably also why we're continuing to write about SEO in this section then. It's because we want to rank for a few extra terms and getting in our waffle is going to help. 

But, in all seriousness, SEO comes down to a couple of core pillers, on site technical, user experience, off site (who links to you and how cool Google thinks they are) and content quality. It all souds pretty simple when we put it that way right? 

Well that's our approach, if you don't understand something we've not done our jobs properly. No nonsense, just straightforward thinkings.

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Greyheart is a Leeds based digital agency founded early 2013. Formed with the purposes of providing a professional yet personal experience for all our clients we want your business to succeed almost as much as you do. We care about your business and your success and we'll never take on a job that we’re not 100% certain we can handle. We think it’s important to get to grips with exactly what makes your business work and view our customers, not as clients, but as partners. 

We really do have your best interests at heart.Being a Web Development and SEO agency in Leeds, presents a unique set of opportunities in the industry, with the area having rapidly become a vibrant digital hub it gives us all tools we need to stay at the top of our game, without the enormous overheads of being in London. That means we can pass these savings onto you.

Greyheart - We have your interests at heart

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